Innovating Bio-Particle
Therapeutics of Small Molecules

Anti-viral therapeutics for sars-cov-2

Agastiya Biotech has discovered its previously tested anti-cancer small molecule AB001 to be working as well for SARS-CoV-2 virus therapeutics in in silico studies.


We are developing novel molecular formulations for breakthrough therapies in cancer stem cells, tumor supressor genes and oncogene mutations.


Psoriais is a chronic, immune-mediated, inflammatory relapsing systemic skin disorder that predominantly involves the skin, nails, and joints with intermittent…

Discovery Renaissance
We’re identifying the undeniable synergy between nature, neurons, biology and genetics overlaid with time tested algorithms.

What's happening at Agastiya Biotech 

Next-Generation Nutraceuticals

Nature is the ultimate evolutionary algorithm. By decoding an ancient tradition, we are making new discoveries in the therapeutic potential of plant-derived medicine. We believe the power of this modalitiy will lead to the next, blockbuster (non-invasive) drug.

Novel Botanical Drug Discovery and Development

Novel treatments for psoriasis depend on the ability to modulate aberrant cellular pathways and immune modulation. Agastiya Biotech is using cellular pathways to modulate psoriatic cells. Clinical trials of our botanical formula are licensed to a top 10 pharmaceutical company in India.