Dr. Baskaran Pillai announces the launch of Agastiya Biotech, a biotechnology and new drug development company based in Temecula, CA.  Prior to Agasitya Biotech, Dr. Pillai started East West Integrative Research Institute in Chennai, India in 2013, which successfully developed a psoriasis drug, conducted clinical trials at a major medical institution (MMC) and was exclusively marketed by Lupin Pharmaceuticals in India.  Dr. Pillai’s inventions include discovering unknown proteins from plants and chemicals through a combination of proteomics and the ancient Indian medical systems of Ayurveda and Siddha.

Agastiya Biotech’s innovative methodologies have created several novel small molecules with patents for different types of cancer including the most challenging: pancreatic cancer.  In-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical data shows the elimination of cancer stem cells through almost non-toxic mechanisms of action.  

Dr. Pillai’s major aim with Agasitya Biotech and East West IRI’s future collaborations is to get the medicine out to patients sooner rather than later.  He finds India more suitable for fast tracking his research and development while maintaining safety and efficacy as top priorities.  His vision for Agastiya Biotech is to create new medicine for the 21st century through an eclectic approach of ancient Indian medicine and Western biotech. 

Anyone with interest in Agastiya Biotech’s research can contact our scientists through media@agastiyabiotech.com.